Sifu Mike Scarmozzino
Sifu Mike is a lifelong Martial Artist & a Level 10 (Black Sash) Master Instructor of Wing Chun Kuen. Mike has been practicing the Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu for 25yrs. (as of 2021) Wing Chun Kuen Lineage Below.
Sifu Mike also has years of experience and cross training in the arts of Jun Fan Gung Fu / Jeet Kune Do,JKD Concepts / Grappling , Integrated Grappling, Kun Tao Dumpag, Pekiti Tirsia Kali of Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje, Inosanto Kali, Dumpag/Dumog, Panantukan, Chin Na/Kham Na, Muay Thai, Savate, Boxing Francaise, Boxing, TSD, TKD, etc.
He strives to make his students not just Wing Chun practitioners capable of displaying their skills through drilling and sparring. But to make his students Wing Chun Kuen Warriors capable of applying the Wing Chun Kuen in violent confrontations against multiple opponents.

Noteworthy Teachers:
Sifu Andy Andy DiGuiseppi - Wing Chun Kuen (Ip Man/Leung Sheung Lineage)
Sifu Chung Kwok Chow - Wing Chun (Ip Man/Leung Sheung) - Integrative Wing Chun (Chow)
Sifu Francis Fong - Wing Chun (Chan Wah Shun/JIu Wan Lineage)

Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje Jr. - Grand Master/Sole Inheritor Pekiti Tirsia Kali
Tuhon/Guru/ Dan Inosanto - Inosanto Kali (FMA) Lacosta Kali - Majapahit Martial Arts - Maphilindo Silat
Kuya Doug Marcaida - Marcaida Kali
Tuhon Claudio Cabezas - Pekiti Tirsia Kali
Guru Eddie Hunt - Pekiti Tirsia Kali
Tuhon Bill McGrath - PTI - Pekiti Tirsia Kali
Guru Ron Kosakowski - Kali - Kun Tao
Guru Frank Summa - Pekiti Tirsia Kali - Inosanto Kali

Sifu/Guru Dan Inosanto - Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do - Burmese Kickboxing (Lethwei)
Sifu/Guru/Sensei Erik Paulson - CSW Combat Submission Wrestling, STX Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Guru Maul Mornie - Silat Suffian Bella Diri
Professor Salem Assli - Savate - Boxing Francaise - La Canne De Combat
Sifu/Guru Ron Kosakowski - Jun Fan Gung Fu/Jeet Kune Do - Muay Thai - Integrated Grappling


Tuhon Claudio Cabezas
Tuhon Claudio is Head of our Pekiti Tirsia Program and is one of the leaders of the
Pekiti Tirsia Kali Pitbulls of New York.


Glen (Vinny) Lucero
Earned Apprentice Instructor rank (Biu Gee 5) in the Wing Chun Kuen System 6/28/2017 after several years of hard work. He is currently studying the deeper applications of the Biu Gee and Mok Yan Jong
He has the authority of this school to teach the Siu Lim Tao & Chum Kiu Forms. As well as all training sets, drills and applications of those areas of training.

Gung Fu (Kung Fu or Gong Fu) does not mean martial arts. Wu Shu means martial arts, But it is very modern an emphasizes the art, not the Martial. Gung Fu translates as skill, art, labor, effort, But is Most commonly translated as Hard Work. Its true meaning is some what deeper. A True sense of the meaning of Gung Fu is better stated as ~ Skill Achieved Through Years of Hard Work. There is No Easy Way & No Short Cuts Here



Shaolin Monk thought to be the main designer of Wing Chun Kuen. Said to have escaped the Burning of the Southern Shaolin Temple.

Either Co-Founded the System with Yat Chum, or was his student. Historically proven to have escaped the burning of the Southern Shaolin (Siu Lum) Temple. - A.K.A. Tan Sao Ng, Peerless Tan Sao,
Inheritor after the burning of the Southern Shaolin Temple. providing Wing Chun training to the secret societies, Cheung Ng went into hiding, disappearing from the public eye to escape Qing Dynasty persecution . Hiding in the Fatshan area. Birth place of the Red Boat Opera, also home of Leung Jan

Both were a Part of the Rebel Faction Hiding in the Red Boat Opera

Commonly known as Wing Chun Kuen Wong (the Fighting King of the Wing Chun Fist - King of Boxers)
A.K.A. - Fatshan Leung Jan, Dr. Leung Jan, Leung Jan of Fatshan, Mr. Jan of Fatshan. Leung Jan was a Famous Doctor & Herbalist. His clinic was located at a very busy intersection of several well traveled roads. He was famous for his victories in challenge matches, said to be over 300 in which he was undefeated. Leung Jan earned the Title of Wing Chun Kuen Wong & was Know as the Kung Fu King of Fatshan. Leung Jan took few students. The exact number is unknown but most sources say his students numbered somewhere between 3-8

Chan Wah Shun was the Student of Leung Jan. Chan Yui Min & Chan Kar Lin are his Sons. Ng Chong So was Chan Wah Shun's first student. Leung Bik is said to be the Son of Leung Jan

Chan Wah Sum's Last Student. Also trained by his Sons & Students. First to publicly teach the art of Wing Chun in 1950 after moving to Hong Kong, Teacher of Bruce Lee. Ip Man (Yip Man) is a Legend of Kung Fu. No less then 6 Movies have been made about his life in this decade alone. Being Bruce Lee's only formal teacher, no Bruce Lee Biography can be complete without a section dedicated to Grandmaster Ip Man.

Ip Man's First Student in Hong Kong - Already a Sifu of Dragon & Bak Mei(Pak Mei - Pai Mei - White EyeBrow) & well versed in Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, Upon learning of the Legendary Ip Man Master of Wing Chun Kuens arrival in Hong Kong, Leung Sheung immediately sought Ip Man Out. (Some stories say he challenged Ip Man and lost). Regardless of whether he first went to meet Ip Man to Fight or to Learn. After this first meeting Leung Sheung Gave GrandMaster Ip Man, a Place to Live, A Place to Teach, and Turned all of His Student Over to Ip Man to Learn Wing Chun Kuen. In doing so Leung Sheung became Ip Man's First Student in Hong Kong. Long Before the Bruce Lee Era.
After Ip Man's (Yip Man) Death in '72 many of the Bruce Lee era students began capitalizing on Ip Man's Reputation and various political organizations have formed from this. Long Before any of these organizations leaders began training at Ip Man's School there was Leung Sheung. Leung Sheung was the first. He is revered in the Wing Chun Community as Grandmaster Ip Man's highest quality student. He never advertised his school and was known to say "If You Find Me, You Are Lucky" The Wing Chun Taught at Wing Chun Ip Man School of Kung Fu was passed down to us through Leung Sheung. Leung Sheung, the Original Hong Kong Student's Wing Chun was passed on While Ip Man was still alive. Unlike the many political organizations that formed after his death. Leung Sheung Completed Ip Man's Teaching. The system he has passed down is Intact & Complete without politics.

Student of Leung Sheung, Friend of Ip Man. Ng Wah Sum Practiced Kung Fu for more than 50 years at the time of his death. Originally a practitioner of Hung Gar and an experienced Beimo (comparison of skill/challenge match) Fighter. Ng Wah Sum Began Training In Wing Chun After badly loosing a challenge match, when he later met his challenger he asked how he had defeated him so quickly? The Answer was, I am a student of Leung Sheung & you were easily beaten by the Jik Chun Choi (Chain Punch) of the Wing Chun Kuen. Ng Wah Sum then went to the school of Leung Sheung. Leung Sheung Told Him "I Have Been Expecting You" . Ng Wah Sum trained & taught Wing Chun Kuen until his death in spring of 2010. Ng Wah Sum's School was located 2 Blocks from Grandmaster Ip Man's Home. Ip Man was at this point in semi retirement and would visit Ng Wah Sum's Schools Often. They maintained a friendship until Ip Man Died in the Winter of 1972

Student of Ng Wah Sum in Hong Kong. Brought style to America. One of First in the country to Teach Wing Chun in the early 70's. Opening a School in the New York City China Town. Teaching in N.Y.C. to this day Sifu Chow has been teaching Wing Chun in New York area for over 36 years. He has taught hundreds of students. And has produced over a Dozen Videos on the Art of Wing Chun Kuen.

Sifu Becker was trained in Wing Chun Kuen by Chung Kwok Chow in N.Y.C., He Owned & Operated Becker Wing Chun in Danbury, CT., until his passing Jan. of 2009. Sifu Becker was also trained in the arts of Chinese & Filipino Kun Tao, Mande Muda Pencak Silat, Hayes To Shin Do, Judo, Brazilian JiuJitsu, Kali, Eagle Claw Chin Na, & Jeet Kune Do. He was Know for Shattering a Bricks with his Iron Palm Strike through a Manhattan Phone Book.
"Very sadly Kevin Becker passed away on 01/03/09 due to rapid advancement of Glioblastoma. It is very rare that anyone survives more than 1 year with this type of brain tumor. Kevin's positive energy and determination for life, allowed him to endure for over 15 years with this horrible disease"
Sifu Kevin Becker was a brain tumor survivor. He has had multiple brain tumors, 3 since 1994. In 9/21/07,Sifu Kevin had his second brain surgery. Amazingly, he left the hospital on the second day!
Sifu Becker attributed his brain tumors to ingesting “Nutrasweet” (aspartame) He asked that people Check out www.dorway.com

Founder & Head Instructor of CT Wing Chun. One of Five Black Sashes Created by Sifu Kevin Becker. His cross training in other martial arts diciplines includes, Siu Lam Iron Palm, Chi Gung, Filipino Kun Tao, MandeMuda Silat, Cimande Silat, Pekiti Tersia Kali, Inosanto Kali, Jeet Kune Do, Integrated Grappling Systems, Japanese Aiki Jujitsu, Brazilian JuJitsu, Judo, Aikido, Karate and Chen Style Tai Chi.

Founder & Head Instructor of the Wing Chun Ip Man School of Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu. Founder, Owner & Operator of Scar Family Martial Arts Supply (S.F.M.A.) & Scar Family Dit Da Jow & Herbal Remedies. (S.F.D.D.J.) S.F.M.A. is a large Martial Arts Supply Website Catering to All Forms of Martial Artists. S.F.D.D.J. is Americas Largest Supplier of Dit Da Jow & Herbal Remedies to Martial Artists. For more info see our about the Instructor Page. Or Better yet come meet me in person.