Is Wing Chun Hard to Learn?
No. Wing Chun was designed to be learned quickly & easily. Wing Chun uses a unique system of simple theories & two man drills to develop muscle memory reflex. Making the simple techniques a natural expression of your instinct to defend yourself. If you have a brain in your head and are willing to listen and do the drills and exercises you can learn Wing Chun. The hard part is applying what you learn in a high pressure violent conflict. Our school specialize in the development of aggressive offensive pressure. All students that earn rank here are capable of applying what they have learned under pressure in a real life conflict. At our school you won't just learn Wing Chun you will learn how to use it.

How Long does it take to learn Wing Chun?
Wing Chun is designed to give the student a fast rate of proficiency. While other traditional arts take 10 - 20 years to learn. The Wing Chun System can be learned in as little as 5-10 years depending on hours spent training. Students will be more than capable to defend themselves in 6-12 months.
Mastery of the Wing Chun Kuen takes a lifetime

Are there High Kicks in Wing Chun like other styles of Martial Arts such as karate or tae kwon do?
No. Wing Chun is primarily a hand style. Most kicks in the system are aimed at or below the knee. In Wing Chun kicking a persons head makes no more sense than punching there foot. Students are only taught to kick opponents in the head after they have already hit the ground

Is this a style suitable for children?
No, the Wing Chun System taught at our school is an aggressive violent method of life and death close range combat. It is not the patty cake that many franchises offer and is not suitable for children. All students must be 18yrs old and able to sign there own liability waiver.
The only exception that will be made is for family members of current students and Young Men and Women that are in an Early Enlistment program or Delayed Entry program for a branch of the U.S. Military

Do you even spar bro?
Yes. Students are not rushed into sparring before they are ready but every student at this school is expected to spar. Once students reach an intermediate level they should expect full contact sparring as well as full contact multi-man sparring. As often as possible we will invite or visit other schools for full contact sparring. Wing Chun is worthless is you can't fight with it. If you can't trust your Wing Chun to work in sparring you can't count your life on it in the streets.

What is different about this school compared to other wing chun schools?
We are not in any way connected to a franchise.
We build independant warriors not franchise participants
The instructor is a fully trained Sifu of Wing Chun Kuen with over 22 years of experience. Not a franchise representative earning his way though the pyramid by promoting students.
The instructor will participate in all levels of drilling with students from basic punching and footwork to full contact sparring. We offer a complete curriculum of Wing Chun drills and training sets but our focus is not to be the best at drills, but to survive a violent combative situation. Everything is taught as living or dying not winning or losing. With a mindset that there will always be multiple opponents and probably weapons. The instructor has years of experience with other martial styles and systems including JKD, Kali and MMA, students are exposed to these types of fighting and get a chance to learn to effectively use there Wing Chun in response to trained fighters.

Do you offer L.E.O. or Military Discounts?
Yes. We offer a discounted rate for Active Military and Law Enforcement Officers.
Discounts are available for Veterans and retired L.E.O. if they are Oath Keepers
Private Contractors (PMC - PSC) are welcome but pay full price
Contact us for info

Is there a progress ranking structure?
Yes. We have a 10 level ranking progression
there is a detailed breakdown of what is expected in each level posted on the back wall of the school. We have a strict quality control standard. The time it takes to progress through the levels of the system is up to the student's skill and effort.

Are there Rank Promotion or Testing Fees?
Absolutely Not! This is a practice started by childrens martial arts schools that became common practice in franchises. The only Promotion fee at this school is Blood, Sweat and Years

Are There Contracts to Sign?
No. Students Pay Month to Month. We have a flat rate of $100 for 8 - 2 hr. classes per month. Classes are scheduled for 2 hours but often run longer. The $100 flat rate covers a minimum of 16 hrs of group classes and 12 hrs of open gym time per month.

Are there manditory uniforms?
A Black T-Shirt & Comfortable Pants. After a suitable time students can earn there school shirt. Shoes are not required but are preferred. Shoes must be for indoor use only. Bring water and a hand towel.

Is it true that Bruce Lee Trained in Ip Man Wing Chun?
3-5 Years Learning Wing Chun at Ip Man's School was the only formal training Bruce Lee ever had. What he displayed in movies & what he practiced & taught were completely different. Bruce Lee began teaching Wing Chun almost as soon as he arrived in America. First calling it Jun Fan Wing Chun, Later Jun Fan Gung Fu. Having never completed the full system he felt there were gaps in his abilities. He later added aspects of boxing & fencing to create his own method of fighting, Jeet Kune Do. The second mixed martial art, Wing Chun is the First. Bruce Lee always attributed his success in the martial arts to Grandmaster Ip Man